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Step 1

Pricing Strategy

It's important to remember when selling your home that you're not on the market in isolation, your home is in competition with other properties and needs to attract the right buyer.

Sell your home at too high a price and the property may stagnate on the market. Too low and it may attract viewers who are unable to pay a suitable price, even if they wanted to.

We'll work with you to make a final decision on your asking price once you're ready to place your home on the market for sale.

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Step 2

Identifying Buyer Types

There are four distinctly different buyer types and it is crucial that we identify and target each and every one of them:

1. Active: This is the easiest buyer to obtain, but not necessarily the best buyer. Often, they will be registered on every property website, can be prone to over-analysing and can underact.

2. Passive: This is the buyer who is not actively looking in the marketplace. They aren't registered on any portals and may not be on any database.

3. Local: This is the buyer who lives local to your home and their worldrevolves around your community.

4. Out of Area: This is the buyer who comes from another town, city or even country.

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Step 3

Identifying Buyer States

Everything we do is geared towards sourcing the most motivated and emotionally invested buyer for your property. There are three basic states:

1. Emotional: The buyer who must own the property and are willing to pay a premium price.

2. Analytical: This is where the buyer buys a property they like, basedon a large number of comparisons.

3. Bargain Hunter: This is the buyer who acts purely on price.

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Step 4

Success Drivers

When building our marketing campaign, it's crucial that we balance three specific factors, each of which have a critical importance in the success of your sale:

1. Pricing: The price is there to ENTICE. Its sole purpose is to attract the highest amount of attention.

2. Presentation: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". Whatever the type of property or your reason for selling, the presentation will have a significant impact on the sales realised.

3. Marketing: Premium Prices are never realised on day 200. It's essential to create a campaign that reaches ALL of the Four Buyer Types as quickly as possible.

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Step 5

The Marketing Launch

When your property goes live, we'll ensure that all four buyer types are targeted to maximise interest in your property.

1. The Call: We'll contact our list of "hot" buyers.

2. The Database: We have one of the most comprehensive databasesin the region.

3. The Social Media Campaign: We invest heavily in our marketing, reaching over 400,000 people monthly.

4. The Portals: We focus on the three "success drivers" and realise 20% more daily online views than the average.

5. The Website: Our website regularly attracts up to 20,000 visitors per month.

6. The 'For Sale' Board: The most overlooked piece of marketing collateral, but important for raising awareness.

7. The Walk In: Our offices see a significant level of footfall from active buyers.

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Step 6

The Results

Once we've generated interest in your property, it's essential we capitalise on the activity.

1. The Enquiries: Once purchasers start to make contact, they will be dealt with as a priority and where possible, we'll block book viewings.

2. The Feedback: Not everyone will make an offer on your home, but nevertheless, their feedback is important for us to refine and adapt our marketing campaign.

3. The Review: Once the initial marketing period is underway, we'll continually review your property's position against its competition and determine the next steps to achieve your desired outcome.

4. The Offers: The negotiation of offers is the most crucial point. Our team are highly skilled in leveraging the best possible prices. If we get all of the above right, then you are in for a good result!

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Step 7

The Last Hurdle

The step that nobody talks about.

Sales Progression - We're halfway there! Our dedicated sales team will help you navigate the final leg of your journey.

Once you have agreed an offer and the Memorandum of Sale has been issued to both parties, the specialist sales progression team will deal with your sale and be your day-to-day point of contact. A member of the team will be in contact with you to discuss the Memorandum and answer any questions you may have.

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