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Welcome to our residential Investment Opportunities service, offering specialist advice for the sale and purchase of residential investment properties and portfolios throughout Shropshire & Worcestershire.

Managing approximately £100,000,000 worth of investment properties on a daily basis, Nock Deighton have access to one of the largest databases of residential landlords in the county. Bringing together our wealth of sales experience and comprehensive lettings service, we provide expert advice in the growing ‘Buy to Let’ market.

With our Investment Opportunities service, you can use our decades of lettings experience to find you the right property that will suit your investment options. We'll do all the hard work for you – so you can sit back and watch your portfolio flourish, receiving maximum yields, without the maximum effort.


Property investment is now becoming a far more mainstream investment vehicle, accessible to investors with the knowledge and foresight to spot effective investments before the competition can.

Finding the best buy-to-let opportunities takes time, effort and market knowledge. So, if you're a busy landlord looking to start or expand your investment portfolio, let Nock Deighton help.

We keep an active mailing list of properties, either currently used as or ideally suited to becoming buy to let investments, that are currently available for sale.

Should you have already seen a property, we would also be more than happy to offer any advice on potential yields and its suitability compared with other options in the market place.

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With a database in excess of 3,500 registered landlords, Nock Deighton can market your home to find a suitable buyer as quickly and as discreetly possible.

A traditional issue from the Landlords perspective is the uncertainty any potential sale causes the Tenant. This results in potentially lengthy void periods (lost income!) whilst a buyer is found and the contract paperwork is completed.

Our service is designed to keep the tenant settled as very much a part of the process. The intention is to minimise any void periods for the landlord and provide the new landlord with an investment property that will start earning them money on day one.

With the Buyer, Seller & Tenant all benefiting from the process, a true and fair market price is much easier to achieve for all parties.

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