How to switch agents

If you are dissatisfied with the service or results you are receiving from your current agent, you do have the option of switching.

When switching to Nock Deighton; You will have the benefit of exclusive access to our trademarked sales process ‘The Nock Deighton Way’. This is your 7-step formula to achieve the highest possible price for your home. The formula draws together 4 key principles.

  1. Every Possible Buyer.
  2. Emotionally Connected.
  3. In Competition
  4. Handled by A Professional.

If this is of interest, and you would like to learn more, the first step is to call your local Nock Deighton office to discuss your current situation. 

We will help you check your existing agreement, as if not handled properly, you can be potentially left liable for two fees.

Once this has been clarified, you should then give notice to your current agent and start the process of switching.

The notice period differs between estate agents, but it is usually around two weeks.
Once the notice period is completed, we can then start to proactively market your property and get you moving forward with your sale. 

If you are considering switching agents, contact your local office today for further advice.